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Birthing Services

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At Banner Lassen Medical Center, we work together to meet each mother-to-be and baby’s needs throughout labor, delivery and recovery.
We know this is one of life’s most important experiences, and we’re committed to making it safe, comfortable and memorable. 

Our staff provides personalized care and the latest technology in a family-centered environment with spacious, private rooms. Our private rooms offer a feeling of security and home-like atmosphere for this very special day. Pain management is an important part of child birth and epidurals are also available.

Did you know there is a new innovative way that helps mothers-to-be give birth?  Peanut balls are peanut-shaped vinyl exercise balls that help relax and open the pelvis of maternity patients who have received epidural anesthesia.  By using a peanut ball, a mother-to-be may have a shorter first and second stage labor and a lower chance of getting a C-section.

The caring continues after delivery with our trained nurses who provide you with education on lactation and parenting tips.

Following birth, mothers and babies share a private room, and visiting hours are flexible so families can share in the happy occasion.  We also allow multiple visitors to the room to share in your memorable experience.

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