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Banner Lifeline provides immediate assistance in an emergency by connecting you to an on-call Response Team member. This service uses an existing phone line (land line only) and a personal activator.

How does the Personal Emergency Response System work?

  1. When you need assistance, push the personal activator worn around your neck or wrist.
  2. The two-way voice console unit, plugged into your existing phone line, dials the 24-hour response center.
  3. A response-trained operator will speak with you to identify the assistance you need. Even if you can't speak or be heard, help will be sent immediately.
  4. Lifeline's new feature, AutoAlert, makes sure you get help when you fall even if you are disoriented, unconscious, immobilized or otherwise unable to push your Personal Help button. Lifeline with AutoAlert can automatically place a call for help if it detects a fall and you can't push the button yourself.

When you enroll with Banner Lifeline, a personalized file is created in the computerized On-Call Center. 

When your signal is received, your personal and medical information, list of responders (family, friends, emergency personnel) and the response directive you want followed, are displayed on the terminal.

Benefits of Banner Lifeline

  • Provides peace of mind
  • Enhances security
  • Sends help right away
  • Easy to use

Keep your independence
Banner Lifeline is an easy-to-use medical alert service designed to reduce the risks associated with living alone. It can help you maintain your independence and give you and your family peace of mind.

Banner Lifeline features

  • Waterproof personal activator
  • 24-hour, on-call centers
  • Secure lock boxes to provide access for emergency
    personnel to enter your home

Some financial assistance is available through the McKee Medical Center Foundation for low-income clients. Screenings can be done by calling McKee Patient and Community Services at (970) 820-4138.

Banner Lifeline in Greeley
(970) 810-4743
Toll-free: (877) 493-8109

Banner Lifeline in Loveland
(970) 820-0959
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