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Low-Dose CT Scans


East Morgan County Hospital's new advanced diagnostic medical imaging system provides state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities and reduces radiation exposure to patients.

The Aquilion® 64 CT scanner adjusts radiation to the patient’s body type. The same is true for pediatric patients.  The radiation is reduced by approximately 40 percent. All patients experience shorter procedure times.

The CT scanner makes 64 revolutions per rotation time. Each slice is approximately 32 cm thick. Computer software then reconstructs the slices into multiple images, including 3-D.

When an area is scanned, the software can provide images of that whole area, sections, or only organs, bones, veins, or “hardware” (such as any metal item surgically implanted into your body, i.e. artificial hip or knee, or pins used to hold bones together.)

This technology is especially beneficial for:

  • Children
  • Adults who are more susceptible to harm from excessive radiation
  • Neurology patients
  • Cardiac patients
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