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Safety in medical imaging


Our priority is your safety

Low-dose CT scannerBecause your safety is our top priority, we work to keep radiation doses to patients and staff as low as possible to receive the necessary results.  

East Morgan County Hosptial's low-dose CT scanner and interventional radiology equipment are designed to deliver significantly less radiation than previous models of imaging equipment. Reducing radiation exposure is particularly important for children and others who may undergo multiple imaging exams during their lifetime.

Balancing the risks and benefits
Physicians weigh the benefits and risks of a CT scan prior to ordering one for a patient. It is true that a CT scan delivers significantly more radiation than an X-ray, but the images produced by a CT scan can help diagnose a variety of medical illnesses and disease. In most cases, the benefits of a diagnosis will outweigh any risks associated with the exam. If you have questions about the need of an imaging exam, please discuss them with your physician.

If you have questions about radiation dosage, please call (970) 842-6256.

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