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Telestroke Program

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At East Morgan County Hospital, we know that every second matters when it comes to treating strokes. Being able to identify the type of stroke quickly can help determine if the patient can be treated in our hospital or should be moved to a facility with more specialized services.

That’s why we partnered with Swedish Medical Center to bring the Telestroke Program to Brush. This program will provide the fastest and most advanced treatment for stroke patients by using robotic technology.

When our staff suspects a person is having a stroke, we bring in a sophisticated robot equipped with two-way video and audio communication. At Swedish Medical Center in Denver, a neurologist sits in front of a high-definition monitor, camera and microphone to  assist the staff on scene in diagnosing the patient.

With the camera and microphone, the neurologist can assess and interview the patient and talk to the family members and other care providers just as if he or she were in the room. Most importantly, the neurologist can provide the valuable consultation about the plan of care for the patient with the on-site emergency department physician.

This consultation between the Swedish Medical Center neurologist and the EMCH emergency physician can alleviate the need to transfer the patient.

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