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It is estimated that up to 75 million lost workdays and 22 million doctor visits each year are due to this unpleasant bug! 

This year, arm your employees with the most important weapon in the arsenal … the flu shot.
Larimer County
McKee Medical Center Wellness Services
Workplace Flu Shot Coordinator
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About the program
If you have ever had to fight the flu, you know it is not an easy battle.  You were probably very happy so see it go, hoping to never see it again.  The flu can be an expensive battle as well. 
The flu shot can save thousands of dollars in needless sick-days and trips to the doctor.
  1. Protecting your employees with the latest information on how to protect them from the flu will help stay healthy and know how to take care of themselves if they do become ill. 
  2. Studies of healthy working adults have shown influenza vaccine to be 70 percent to 90 percent effective in preventing illness.  Statistics show that employees that get flu shots have 25 percent fewer days of sick leave from work.
Providing your employees with the flu shot is easier than ever.  Banner Occupational Health (composed of OccuMED, Wellness Services and Rehabilitation professionals) has provided flu shots to many area employers in northern Colorado for the past 10 years. 
If you are not providing this service, we encourage you to consider offering flu shots at your worksite or encourage your employees to get a flu shot at a designated clinic in the area. And, if you are already providing flu shots for your employees, we congratulate you on your proactive approach to employee health!

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), vaccine supplies will be available for occupational health clinics by mid-October.  Flu shots are $25 per person.  Flu shot clinics are usually implemented with employees self-paying.  Some employers choose to subsidize all or part of the cost as an employee benefit.  Vaccination against influenza has substantial health and economic benefits for working adults. 

Schedule your clinic today!
If you are interested in this service for your employees and have more than 10 employees who would utilize this on-site service contact your local Wellness Services department at:

Larimer County
McKee Medical Center Wellness Services
Flu Shot Coordinator
(970) 203-6555

More Information About Wellness Services
For more information about what Wellness Services provides please choose one of the following:

  • Community Programs:  Wellness Services provides education, support, and promotes disease prevention and self-responsibility of behavior changes that allows for healthier lifestyles and an improved quality of life for all ages. We are committed to a "hospital without walls" approach. Many of our services are offered at the local hospital or at sites within the community.
  • Workplace WellnessEmployers and employees alike benefit from reduced absenteeism and turnover, increased productivity, morale and job satisfaction and are less likely to become sick or injured.

Our Wellness programs are designed to help you identify health risks, link to appropriate resources, make positive lifestyle choices and establish baselines for regular health monitoring.

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