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Art therapy

Every cancer patient is different and has different needs for healing. The McKee Cancer Center offers a variety of healing therapies for patients.

Expressive Arts Program
Our licensed art and music therapists provide individual and group sessions to our patients and their families. We also offer workshops with local artists.  Our program can help:

  • Manage pain and discomfort
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Boost cognitive and immune system functioning
  • Increase relaxation and calm
  • Increase coping skills. 

McKee Art Group 2013

Massage is well known for its relaxing effects and improvement of the circulatory function. Sometimes, however, one cannot receive massage over the main trunk of the body.  In these circumstances, the hands and feet are available to deliver a comforting touch and benefit from reflexology. Reflexology is an ancient healing art which suggests that every organ has a connecting point in these extremities. Stimulation of these points triggers a response in the correlating area of the body to balance and heal.  It also triggers an increase of the circulatory flow into that related are or body part.  By receiving a gentle massage to the hands or the feet, one can experience a ripple effect of relaxation.

Cancer treatment can have a major impact on your nutritional needs. Patients at McKee Cancer Center have the opportunity for consultation with our experienced oncology dietitian, Kimberly Fox.

She is available to assist patients throughout the course of their cancer treatment in managing side effects of treatment and developing a plan upon completion of treatment for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The dietitian can be contacted through the nurse, doctor or office staff at McKee Cancer Center.

Pet Therapy
The wag of a tail can bring an immediate smile --even for someone who may not be in a smiling mood.  Pet Therapy at McKee Medical Center is one way to help patients who are confused, frustrated, lonely, or scared.  Studies have shown pet therapy gives physical, physiological and emotional  benefits and generally raises moral for patients, family members, staff and the volunteers who bring the animals.

Physical Therapy
A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Rehabilitation exercises started early in your diagnosis can give you strength and improve your quality of life as you continue in your cancer journey.

Physical therapy and speech therapy provide exercise techniques – an integral part of cancer care. Exercise can help by building muscle strength, improving range of motion and flexibility, and addressing edema issues prior to starting cancer treatments. Rehabilitation can continue throughout radiation and chemotherapy. This effort to continue therapy during cancer treatment can result in your return to normal daily activities more quickly.

Lymphedema Services
McKee outpatient physical therapy offers treatment to those suffering from swelling disorders. Edema is not uncommon during the course of treatment for cancer. If this applies to you, or if you are seeking information, please call (970) 820-4171.

Lymphedema is a swelling disorder caused by the abnormal accumulation of fluid. It can be caused from a congenital abnormality (something you are born with), or from trauma to the lymphatic system (surgery, lymph node removal, radiation, etc.). Lymphedema presents as swelling in a distinct area (leg, arm, neck), with swelling in both limbs unusual. This condition is not reversible.

Lymphedema can develop immediately after trauma to the lymphatic system or many years later. A simple bee sting, plane trip or fall can be enough to trigger lymphedema. Lymphedema that is left untreated can affect quality of life by causing the need for larger-sized clothing, fibrosis (hardening of the tissue), limitations in motion, nerve irritation, and increased risk for infection.

Not all edema present during and after cancer treatment is true lymphedema. Edema can linger after surgery or radiation, as well as being a side effect of some drugs. Physical therapy can be beneficial in addressing most forms of edema. If you are experiencing persistent edema, speak to your physician about physical therapy.

Treatment for lymphedema includes patient education, manual lymphatic drainage or MLD (this is a type of lymphatic massage), multi layered bandaging or MLD (compression w/short stretch bandages) , exercise, assistance in fitting for a compression garment as needed, use of vasopneumatic pump as needed.


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