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Emergency Department lobbyA look inside the ED
McKee Medical Center opened its new 15,100 square-foot Emergency Department in September 2007. This photo shows the patient waiting area, which overlooks an outdoor patio. The waiting area also offers space specifically designed for children and a coffee and water station.




Children's area in patient waiting areaWhen you visit the Emergency Department, a person will greet you and, as soon as possible, bring you to the triage area.






Patient triageAfter a few questions, they will determine whether you need to be taken straight to the Emergency Department for an acute illness or injury or if you can be treated in the treatment pods.








Minor treatment areaLess acute injuries may be treated without requiring the patient to get into a gown or to use a bed. To accommodate these less serious cases, the Emergency Department has three treatment pods. Each of the pods is fully equipped to handle more serious cases if the need arises.

Once in the minor treatment area, if you do need to wait for results of a test or procedure, you will be taken to the sub-wait area where you can sit comfortably, but in close proximity to the nurses' station in case there is a change in your condition.

Main EDIf it is determined that you need a treatment room, you will be taken to the main Emergency Department. The main ED includes 17 private patient rooms that are universal. This means that each room is equipped with the technology needed to treat every patient and their illness or injury.

Private patient room Each room has a semi-private bath and a television. Documentation stations are located outside every two rooms with observation windows to the rooms. This allows the nurse to document outside the room to preserve the patients’ privacy and comfort, but to still be able to see the patient in case his or her condition changes.

X-rays are available right in the ED. Patients needing an X-ray are only taken a shorter distance down the hall from their room to get their X-ray. We also develop pictures in this room. This decreases the time it takes to get results and decreases the patient’s time spent in the ED overall.

We have our own Behavioral Health Team right here in the ED. We believe that mental illness deserves the same excellent and rapid assessment and treatment as any medical illness.

We have one designated reverse isolation room so that highly contagious patients can be treated without contaminating other patients. This room is designed to pull air from the room to the outside of the hospital where bacteria and viruses are unable to live.

There is a direct entrance into the emergency room to and from the helicopter pad for our critical or trauma patients who need to be airlifted to another hospital for more advanced treatment.

McKee also employs two guest relations coordinators whose only job is to make our patients and their families comfortable.

 Other facts:

  • The new space is 15,100 square feet and more than double the size of the former Emergency department.
  • Cost was $7.5 million.
  • Builder was Hensel Phelps; architect was Boulder Associates.
  • Project was part of Legacy II which included renovations of the operating rooms, first floor hall and lobby area and completing a new lab and pharmacy.
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