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Heart Failure Clinic at the CardioVascular Institute of North Colorado at McKee Medical Center


The Heart Failure Clinic at the CardioVascular Institute of North Colorado is a multi-disciplinary center providing consultation, medical management, education and support for patients with heart failure.

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Our clinic is available at McKee Medical Center each Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 5 p.m.

To schedule an appointment call (970) 820-2411 or toll free to (800) 341-9849.

Our goal is to ease your heart's workload, prevent further damage and, if possible, improve your heart's function.

Using evidence-based medicine and proven care techniques, we help patients and families manage this chronic disease. Each visit is tailored to the individual patient's needs and encourages patient-centered care and self-management.

Your heart failure treatment will depend on several factors, including the cause and severity of your condition and your overall health. Your treatment will likely include:

  • Medical procedures 
Some heart failure patients benefit from surgical procedures or from procedures performed in our hospital’s catheterization laboratory (“cath lab”).
  • Medication: 
Some heart-failure medications help you live longer by improving
the way your heart pumps. Others relieve symptoms and help keep
you out of the hospital.
  • Healthy lifestyle:
It's important for to take charge of your health through better lifestyle choices, such as lowering salt intake, staying active and quitting smoking. McKee has cardiac rehabilitation experts who can help you set goals and stay on track.

Do you have questions about your treatment or any of the heart care services offered at McKee Medical Center? Email us or call us at 970-820-2411 or 800-341-9849.

To find out more about upcoming heart events and seminars, visit the McKee events page.  

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