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Diagnostic Catheterization Lab


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State-of-the-art equipment to care for our cardiac patients

McKee's catheterization (cath) lab offers diagnostic cardiac and peripheral angiography, balloon angioplasty, stent placement and nearly 200 other procedures.  

Angiography is a medical procedure ordered by your physician to evaluate the size, shape and location of the heart and blood vessels. This is done by inserting a catheter into the vessel and injecting a radiologic contrast into the artery that your physician wants to evaluate.

The McKee cath lab offers low-moderate risk intervention including balloon angioplasty and/or stent implantation. Both procedures improve blood flow to the heart.

Angioplasty involves placing a catheter with a balloon at its tip into a narrowed artery. The balloon is then expanded to widen the artery. The catheter is then removed.

A stent is a small coil or mesh tube. After balloon angioplasty, a stent may be placed in the artery. The stent is mounted on a balloon-tipped catheter. The catheter is placed in the narrowed artery, inflated and expands the stent, which remains in the artery. The balloon is then removed.

The staff in the cath lab at McKee are highly trained physicians, nurses and cardiovascular technologists that provide the patient with personalized treatment and care.

For more information, please call (970) 820-1987.

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