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Banner iCare™ Intensive Care


Patients at McKee Medical Center benefit from an additional layer of care provided by the advanced technology called Banner iCare™.

This advanced technology enhances the care and safety of critically ill patients by teaming our on-site medical staff with intensive-care specialists who follow patients’ care from a remote monitoring center 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With the Banner iCare monitoring system, data such as patient information, vital signs, laboratory data and X-rays from the sickest hospital patients are fed to an off-site team of intensive-care physician specialists and critical-care nurses.

This solution serves as a high-tech, centralized patient safety net, and provides another set of watchful eyes to provide proactive care by constantly checking early warning indicators for any sign of trouble. If a change is detected, the Banner iCare specialists at Banner Desert Medical Center communicate directly with the bedside care teams to help determine what the patient needs.

How does it work?
Intensive care specialists based at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Ariz., can watch over you with telemedicine cameras in your room so they can see you and monitor changes in your condition. This  two-way, audiovisual communication system that allows the Banner iCare Center staff to see and speak directly with a patients in their rooms. Once a change is detected, the specialists at Banner Desert Medical Center work with your medical team to help determine what course of action is appropriate for your care.

Providing excellent patient care
Banner Health believes that our Banner iCare program can strengthen our excellent patient care to intensive-care patients. 

Your safety
Be assured that your physician in the hospital directs your care, but now has a new partner through the intensive care experts. There are no extra costs as a result of your being placed in this unit.

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