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Total Joint Replacement

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What is Total Joint Replacement?
A painful knee or hip is putting limits on your life. You and your doctor have decided that a total joint replacement is the right choice for you. This is surgery that treats a damaged joint (the site where two bones meet).

The knee and hip are joints that you use all the time. They help you walk, run, dance, and even sit. So when they hurt, it can really impact your life. Total joint replacement can repair your joint so you can move
more comfortably once again.

No matter what kind of joint pain you’re experiencing, McKee Medical Center can help you find a solution. We offer unparalleled orthopedic expertise to help you get back to everyday activities as quickly and successfully as possible. Take our assessment to learn more:

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How Total Joint Replacement can help
Damage to the knee or hip joint is often caused by arthritis. This is when wear and tear, injury, or disease breaks down parts of the joint, making movement stiff and painful. Total joint replacement replaces a damaged joint with a prosthesis (artificial joint). The new joint works much like a natural one. Until it heals, your new joint will have limited movement. You may also have some discomfort, but this discomfort should decrease with time. 

Preparation, education, and continuity of care are essential for optimum results in joint surgery. Communication is essential to this process. Here are some resources to help you have a successful experience:

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