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Heal Faster


Having Surgery?

Use Mind-Body Techniques to:

  • Feel calmer before surgery
  • Use less pain medication
  • Recover faster

Integrative Health Program
Surgical patients at McKee have access to Peggy Huddleston's exciting pre-surgical program.

In keeping with our mission to make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care, we provide a continuum of care that addresses the needs of the body, mind and spirit.

Provided by Registered Nurses
The workshop is provided by registered nurses at McKee who have completed the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster educational program for health care professionals.

This one-hour workshop includes the book Prepare for Surgery, Health Faster and its companion Relaxation/Healing audio tape or CD.

Workshops are offered in an individual or small group setting. A family member or friend may accompany you for free.

Peggy Huddleston's Five Steps to Prepare for Surgery:

  • Calm preoperative jitters guided by the relaxation tape. Feeling peaceful strengthens your immune system and creates the complex bio-chemistry that enhances healing.
  • Visualize your recovery by turning worries into healing imagery.
  • Surround yourself in the love of family and friends to feel calm before surgery.
  • Use "Healing Statements" - words spoken during surgery that reduce the use of pain medication by 23 - 50%.
  • Establish supportive doctor/patient relationships.

Ideally, patients will take the workshop one or two weeks before their operation. If surgery is scheduled soon, patients can still benefit.

To learn more about the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster, please call (970) 820-6100 or visit

Peggy Huddleston, MTS, is the author of Prepare for Surgery, Health Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques. She trains health care professionals to teach her workshop for people facing surgery.

She is the principal investigator of the research project, Patient-Centered Techniques to Enhance Surgical Outcomes, at the New England Baptist Hospital, a Tufts and Harvard Medical School teaching hospital in Boston.

Her ground-breaking research and clinical work focus on the ways emotions and the human spirit enhance healing. She has been featured nationally on PBS-TV.

She has taught workshops in self-healing to thousands in the US and Europe. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, she is a psychotherapist in Westminster, Colorado.

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