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K-9 Security Officer

Security Officer Clark with Aries



NCMC’s Security K9, Aries, began his job with Banner Health in November of 2013. Aries is a Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix born in Slovakia and makes his rounds with Security Officer Brian Clark. The two received a National Police Canine Association certification in Handler Protection and Off-Leash Obedience and receive 16 hours of continuous maintenance training per month in areas such as crowd control, patrol, obedience and protection.

Brian and Aries work 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. Wednesday through Friday patrolling the hospital’s campus, both indoors and outdoors, and respond as well to the exterior satellite Banner facilities when needed.

The purpose of the K9 program is to provide NCMC and Banner Health Security with an additional, highly effective tool to maintain a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff members. A K9 presence can often immediately help calm tense situations with individuals or groups during moments of escalated emotions. 

Visitors, patients and staff are asked not to engage Aries or pet him while he is working. K9s are not able to distinguish between being somewhere to work and being somewhere to socialize, and if they are engaged in a friendly manner too often in the facility they work, they can become disinterested in performing their necessary duties and can lose their positions. Brian and Aries walk on the opposite, left side of the hallway when possible, with Aries toward the wall, to minimize distractions with staff and visitors. 


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