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Visitation Guidelines for Western States Burn Center


Visitation for all burn and non-burn patients in the Burn Unit, at North Colorado Medical Center, is restricted to protect Burn Unit patients from infection and provide an atmosphere of rest to promote healing.

Visitation Guidelines:

  1. Visiting privileges are to be consistent with patient’s care needs and with concern for the needs of the family.
  2. The number of visitors should not exceed two at a time.
  3. Visitors are required to obtain permission from the nurse.
  4. Visitors are required to wear a gown, cap, mask and gloves while visiting.
  5. Visitors are required to wash their hands with disinfectant soap prior to entering and after leaving the patients room.
  6. Flowers (dried or real), plants and plush toys are not permitted.
  7. A quiet atmosphere needs to be maintained to promote healing.
  8. The Burn Unit temperature will be kept at 76 degrees F or higher.  
  9. Due to the danger of infection and or complications to our burn patients, we must follow the same guidelines for our non-burn patients as we do for our burn patients.
  10. The unit will be closed to visitors and phone calls from 7  to 9 a.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. to accommodate shift change.
  11. The unit will be closed on Wednesdays from noon to 1:30 p.m. to accommodate multi-disciplinary rounds.
  12. The unit will be closed at variable times as dictated by nursing staff to accommodate the diverse needs of burn patients including: patient rest, dressing changes, and transport to and from the hydrotherapy room. Visitors will be asked to leave the burn unit during these times to accommodate these patient needs. Please check with nursing.

These visiting hours are subject to change depending on patients’ conditions and unexpected events.

Thank you,

Western States Burn Center Staff

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