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Cancer Institute Accreditation


The Cancer Institute at North Colorado Medical Center is a comprehensive model of excellence for patients and families.  Our cancer care professionals are committed to delivering a wide range of highly skilled, holistic care for patients and families undergoing a variety of treatments for cancer.  Our highly accredited cancer care program has been designated a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

Why is being cared for in an accredited program important for your care? You can rest assured that the Cancer Program meets all national standards for quality cancer care, patient outcome, and provides a full continuum of specialized services.  Our staff is specifically trained and educated to provide quality cancer care services.

The Cancer Committee: The Cancer Committee oversees all aspects of cancer care at NCMC.  This committee, made up of many specialists involved in treating cancer, meets regularly to discuss the needs for our program, patients and community we serve.  The Cancer Committee is actively involved in evaluating the latest in new cancer treatments and programs to best serve your needs. They also make recommendations to improve cancer care within our health care community. 

Tumor Board: Tumor Board Conferences are held weekly to review all cancer cases diagnosed and/or treated at NCMC.  The Tumor Board, is an interdisciplinary team composed of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, primary care physicians, other specialties, residents, oncology nurses, care coordinators, social workers, pharmacists, and program administrator.  This team is charged with discussing each case and forming a recommendation for the best treatment of the individual cancer patient. 

The Cancer Registry: The Cancer Registry at NCMC is the oldest established registry in the state of Colorado and has been at the core of the NCMC Cancer Program since 1951. The registry now holds over 23,000 cases.  For the last eight years, the registry program has been presented the Gold Award by the State of Colorado Cancer Registry for accuracy and timeliness of reporting.  Besides performing the functions of abstracting cases and follow-up of registry patients, the Cancer Registrars help to facilitate weekly multidisciplinary Tumor Boards, where newly diagnosed cancer cases are presented and treatment planning discussed. Registrars also serve on the Cancer Committee, which meets quarterly.  The annual cancer report is prepared by the registrars every year and reflects the accomplishments of the cancer program at NCMC.  Two patient care evaluations are completed yearly and have been used to measure the standard of cancer care at NCMC against national benchmarks.  The registrars are also involved in the accreditation process performed by the American College of Surgeons every three years, assuring that the NCMC Cancer Program remains a center of excellence for the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

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