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Larry's Story:
Lessons in the Value of Health


Larry's story Even though he was a cardiac patient, Larry considers himself lucky.

Like many people Larry just dismissed that searing pain in his stomach as heartburn. Lucky for Larry that some of his friends badgered him about seeing a doctor.

Turns out Larry had three major blockages requiring heart bypass surgery. Larry considers himself fortunate that he was able to go to North Colorado Medical Center, recognized as one of the top 100 cardiac-care hospitals in the country.  With the innovative services including 64-slice CT technology and a cardiac alert program. The care he got there was superb, Larry said. “I’ve been to other hospitals and the care here is second to none.”

Larry not only appreciated the skilled doctors and nurses but also appreciated the follow-up care after his surgery. He is a regular in the cardiac rehab unit, where he logs time on the treadmill, exercise bike and weight room. The cardiac rehab staff monitored him carefully after his surgery to make sure he was doing just the right amount of exercise. A North Colorado Medical Center nutritionist also worked with Larry and his family on changing their diet.

Now Larry is back to thoroughly enjoying his retirement, playing golf, hunting and working when he wants to. He is even able to keep up with his rambunctious grandchildren. “Spending time with them is like spending two hours on the treadmill.’’

Larry: I am living proof.

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