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P.A.R.T.Y. Program


PARTYP.A.R.T.Y. is a program for teens offered jointly by Banner Health / NCMC Paramedic Services and Drive Smart Weld County. 

P.A.R.T.Y stands for Prevention of Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth. It is a day-long educational course that includes speakers, hands on learning stations, displays and more.

Schedule a program:
Programs are limited and schools must meet a specific criteria to schedule a program. Call (970) 353-5700 x3204 or email your request.

Volunteer for this program
Volunteers over age 18 are welcome. Training is available onsite 30 minutes before volunteer hands on stations begin. You may volunteer for one or more programs each year.


  • Pre-test, video and discussion 
    One student volunteers to spend the entire day in a wheelchair. 
  • Fire Department Activity
    This 15-minute presentation features the fire department from the community in which the students live. They discuss their role in extricating patients from a crash and show them some equipment. They also discuss the emotional effects on them as fire fighters and discuss safe choices while driving.
  • Paramedics Activity
    Students experience a hands-on scenario in a triage presentation. Selected students serve as paramedics and helpers as they care for their friends who are playing victims.  Presented by Banner Health / NCMC Paramedic Services.
  • Trauma Presentation
    North Colorado Medical Center Trauma Services presents the effects of alcohol-related crashes, how often teens are involved in crashes and experience versus poor choices.
  • Crash Cars/Break
    Display of the Horst and Odenbaugh Crash Trucks 
  • Rehabilitation Presentation
    Local rehabilitation professionals discuss the effects of life-long physical impairments after being critically injured in a crash.  Involves hands on activities.
  • Guest Speakers
    Students listen to real-life stories from survivors and how they are dealing with life now.
  • Learning Stations
    Banner Health / NCMC Paramedic Services, Weld County Communications, North Colorado Medical Center Trauma Services, and volunteers take students through hands-on learning stations. Students get to hear real 9-1-1 dispatch tapes, immobilize a victim on a spine board, discuss critical advanced life support procedures, watch what the emergency room would do, try to dress with adaptive equipment and more.
  • Lunch
    Students bring their own lunch and have time to discuss the morning’s events.
  • Police Department
    Local law enforcement officers discuss the consequences of underage drinking; perform an actual roadside test with fatal vision goggles and more.
  • Insurance Presentation
    Discuss the cost and punishments for driving under the influence. Differences between male and female cost for 16-year-old drivers.
  • Coroner Presentation/Video
    View a simulated crash with a coroner approaching family and telling them about the fatality.
  • Funeral Home Presentation
    Cost of funeral, emotions of family, what is involved in making a body into a presentable appearance after a crash, and possibly view a hearse.
  • End the day with a post test and wrap up.
  • Student Reaction Papers
    We ask all teachers to assign a reaction paper to their students upon completion of the class. The following are excerpts from some of these papers.
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