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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients now benefit from advanced technology that promises fundamental changes in hospital ICU care. North Colorado Medical Center is the first health care provider in Colorado to use the new technology, which allows intensive care physicians, called intensivists, to remotely monitor patients in multiple intensive care units.  This new technology was recognized as one of the Top 100 technical innovations by InfoWorld magazine in 2002.

What is Banner iCare™ Intensive Care?
You have been admitted into a Banner iCare Intensive Care unit. Utilizing eICU technology, your doctor and nurses in the Banner iCare unit are assisted in caring for you by board certified intensive care specialists and critical care nurses that are following your care from a monitoring center located in a separate facility. This monitoring occurs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How does it work?
With eICU technology, the intensive care specialists in the separate facility are able to help watch over you with telemedicine cameras in your room so they can see you and with highly sensitive monitoring technology that has the ability to pickup early changes in your condition, should they occur. Once a change is detected, the Banner iCare specialists in the separate facility work with your medical team to help determine what course of action is appropriate for your care.

Providing excellent patient care
Banner Health believes that our Banner iCare Intensive Care program is an important service that can enhance our ability to provide excellent patient care to patients that require highly specialized intensive care. In fact, over the next three years every intensive care bed in a Banner Health facility will be a part of this innovative program and receive the extra level of monitoring it provides. The eICU technology provided through our Banner iCare Intensive Care program is available in this area only in Banner Health facilities.

Your safety
Be assured that your physician in the hospital is directing your care, but now has a new partner through the intensive care experts in the Banner iCare program. You also can rest assured that there are no extra costs as a result of your being placed in an Banner iCare intensive care unit.

Here to help
Should you have any questions or concerns about your stay or Banner iCare intensive care unit, please don’t hesitate to speak with your nurse or doctor.

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