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CT Head Scan


Procedure for a CT Head Scan

You may be told to avoid food for four to six hours prior to your scan if a contrast medium will be used.  If a contrast medium is required, it will be administered through and IV line.


The contrast may bring on slight nausea, flushing, headaches, or a salty taste in the mouth.  Any itching or burning may indicate an allergic reaction to the contrast, so let your technologist know if you experience any of these reactions.


The technologist will prepare you and help position you on the exam table.


The technologist will then secure your head in the cradle with a strap.  This is painless and is merely to ensure that your head doesn't move for the duration of the scan, since even slight movement will blur the results.


Then you will be moved into the scanner, and the tech will go to an adjoining room to control the procedure.  However, he or she will still be able to see you and communicate with you.


As the machine scans your head, you will hear a whining sound, which is perfectly normal.  You will also be moved slightly after each scan, but the movement is so slight you may not even notice.

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