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Breast Needle Localization


About Breast Needle Localization
A breast needle localization is performed prior to surgical breast biopsy or lumpectomy. This procedure is done using mammography as a guide.  After local anesthetic is used to numb the breast, a thin needle with a guide wire is placed in the breast. A series of mammograms are then taken to assure the needle is in the correct location.  This is done to act as a guide for the surgeon during surgery.


Your breast surgery will follow this procedure and your health care provider will provide you with preparation instructions before your surgery.

The patient will arrive in Pre-op to be dressed and prepped for the procedure.  The mammography technologist will be notified as soon as the patient is ready and take the patient to the mammography suite for the procedure.

The needle localization will be performed by the Radiologist who will answer any questions you may have.

Your breast will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution and then numbed with a local anesthetic.

A thin needle with a guide wire inside is placed in your breast and a series of mammograms are taken. There may be several positional adjustments made prior to final placement of the needle and wire. 

When the needle placement is satisfactory, the needle is removed and a thin wire with a fish hook end to keep it in place is left for the surgeon to use as a guide during surgery. The wire is removed from your breast during surgery.  

Post-Percutaneous Needle Biopsy Instructions (PDF)

Important note:
If you are of child bearing age and think there is any possibility of pregnancy it is important that you inform the physician ordering these x-rays and tell the technologist taking your x-rays.

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