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MRI Orbit screening, Skull, Facial Bones and Sinus X-rays


This page is for information purposes only.  For advice and specific questions please contact your primary care or referring physician.

  • MRI Orbit screening X-rays are done before a MRI exam if you have a history of welding, eye surgery, welding or metal work to ensure your safety upon entering the MRI magnet room.
  • Skull X-rays are done to evaluate the bony portion of your head surrounding your brain for fracture or injury.
  • Facial Bone X-rays are done to evaluate your jaw, cheek bones, and face for fractures or injury.
  • Sinus X-rays are done to evaluate the amount of fluid or infection in your sinus cavities in your skull. 

There is no special preparation for this exam. 


  • For any of the head X-rays listed above, you will be asked to remove any metal objects from your skull or head region.  This includes but is not limited to: 
    • dentures
    • hair barrettes
    • pins
    • earrings
    • necklaces
    • nose jewelry / tongue jewelry
    • hearing aides
    • glasses
    • teeth retainers
  • The registered X-ray technologist is going to ask you to either stand at the upright X-ray plate or lie down on an X-ray table. 
  • The exam your physician ordered may require several X-ray  images. 
  • While the technologist is preparing to place your head in the required position they will be giving you instructions and placing their hands on your head to assist you into position. 
  • Your head may be placed so that your chin is on the X-ray board, or your ear, or the top of your head.  You may be asked to tuck your chin down toward your chest, or to look up at the ceiling. 
  • After the technologist has completed the required X-rays they will make you comfortable while they step out to critique the final images for quality and accuracy.  After they have ensure that everything looks good, you will be allowed to put jewelry, glasses, etc., back on and escorted out of the medical imaging or radiology department. 
  • The technologist will then give your X-rays to a radiologist, a physician specializing in radiology imaging, to interpret or read.  A final report will be delivered to your primary ordering physician within 24 hours. 

**If the X-rays of your head are being done for an MRI screening, you will go to the MRI department when your X-rays have been completed.

Important note:
If you are of child bearing age and think there is any possibility of pregnancy it is important that you inform the physician ordering these x-rays and tell the technologist taking your x-rays.  If you have any known allergies to contrast, iodine, or foods please inform your physician BEFORE proceeding with any of the instructions that follow.

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