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Diagnostic Radiology (X-Ray)

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What is a diagnostic X-ray?
Diagnostic X-rays are images of the human body made with an ionizing radiation beam produced by a highly specialized piece of imaging equipment.  Diagnostic X-rays can be taken of your bones such as your spine, skull, arms or legs, or organs such as your heart and lungs. 

Occasionally when organs such as your stomach, colon, kidneys or shoulder joint need to be assessed or evaluated an advanced method of Diagnostic X-ray imaging known as fluoroscopy must be used.  This type of x-ray imaging requires the organ to be highlighted or enhanced with a liquid known as contrast.  As the organ is being filled or highlighted the radiologist, a doctor specializing in radiology exams, watches on a television screen as the organ moves, functions or absorbs the contrast liquid or material. 

About the Staff:
The professionals who will perform your diagnostic imaging examinations are registered radiologic technologists.  They specialize in patient care, anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques and image production, equipment usage and operation, radiation protection and radiation safety. 

The professionals are required to maintain their credentials by continuing education and training annually. 

Click on one of the following exams to go to a description of the procedure as well as the preparation required for your exam.  This page is for information purposes only.  For advice and specific questions please contact your primary care physician.

X-Ray Procedures

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