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The Sleep Disorder Center at Sterling Regional MedCenter can help patients get a better night's sleep and be better rested.

Sleep Disorders
A sleep disorder is a disturbance in the sleep patterns of an individual which may interfere with physical, mental & emotional function.

Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness, lethargy
  • Loud snoring, gasping, or snorting during sleep
  • Witnessed pauses of breathing while sleeping
  • Headaches upon arising in the morning
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability or other mood changes
  • Restless sleep and/or frequent nocturnal urinary urges
  • Achy, crawly feeling in legs or kicking legs during sleep
  • Kicking or thrashing of arms/legs or walking while asleep

Reasons for Seeking Treatment of Sleep Disorders
Persons with untreated sleep disorders are two to five times more likely to have a car or other accident.  Untreated sleep apnea (breathing pauses or decreased airflow) may cause or worsen such conditions as hypertension, cardiac ailments, depression, sexual dysfunction, diabetes and weight gain.

About our Sleep Studies
The sleep disorders center conducts sleep studies to monitor what happens to an individual's body during sleep and require an overnight stay in our sleep center. 

The study helps in diagnosing and treating sleep related disorders that may be keeping you from getting a restful night of sleep.

Sterling Regional MedCenter offers high-tech sophisticated testing in a comfortable homelike setting.  We take pride in the quality of our sleep studies and our staff of registered respiratory therapists and registered sleep technologists are specifically trained to monitor and treat sleep disorders.  Board-certified sleep physicians oversee the interpretation of each sleep study and recommend treatment options.

Scheduling & Location
Sleep studies are ordered by your physician if you are exhibiting symptoms of a sleep disorder, ask your doctor for a referral.  The Sleep Disorders Center is located at Sterling Regional MedCenter.

What to Expect
When your physician refers you for a sleep study you are contacted by our scheduling personnel to determine an appropriate date for your study.  Pre-test questionnaires and  instructions are mailed to you with a confirmation of your scheduled appointment date.

Learn more about sleep centers and disorders.

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