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The Family Birthing Center

Mother and baby  

At Sterling Regional MedCenter, every birth is a unique experience, and our highly skilled, compassionate staff provides excellent care. 

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The Family Birthing Center offers spacious mother-baby rooms in home-like settings, each furnished with birthing beds, comfortable recliners and newly remodeled private bathrooms. 

Labor and Delivery
Our Family Birthing Center Offers:

  • Three labor and delivery rooms equipped for mother's comfort and relaxation.
  • We use the Intelligent Record OB information system that provides improved monitoring and customized care guidelines.  This state-of-the-art system has been proven to prevent medical errors and to provide more comprehensive care for mothers and babies.

After Delivery

  • Skin to Skin:  Skin to Skin is when the infant is placed directly on the bare chest or abdomen of the baby's mother at delivery as long as infant and mother are healthy.  This process helps bonding and attachment, decreases crying, stabilizes temperature, blood sugar, respirations, heart rate and oxygen saturation. 
  • Breast Feeding Assistance:  The Family Birthing Suite offers breastfeeding guidance and assistance from three certified lactation nurses.

Visitation Policy
Flexible visiting hours ensure family and friends can help celebrate the happy occasion.

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