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Digital Mammography

digital mammogram  

Ogallala Community Hospital provides the women of Keith County and surrounding areas a full range of breast health services.

Our imaging department offers the latest in breast health technology by with digital mammography. This allows for enhanced image clarity with less radiation and shorter exam times. When additional visualization of breast tissue is required, a breast ultrasound uses sound waves to provide electronic images.

Full-field digital mammography offers a digital picture much like your digital camera at home and allows the image to be seen in seconds. With this innovation, you can now benefit from less radiation exposure, shorter exam times and enhanced clarity resulting in up to 28 percent more breast cancer being detected. 

For your comfort, we provide warm, spa robes for discretion and comfort during the exam.

Our turnaround time for mammogram results is often within 24 hours, which reduces your anxiety and wait time. Our experienced, certified technologists can visit with you to help you feel confident about your breast health.

Ogallala Community Hospital is certified by the American College of Radiology and we are fully accredited by the Food and Drug Administration in accordance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act. 

Make an appointment to discuss your mammogram needs with your physician at Banner Health Clinic in Ogallala at (308) 284-3645 or call Central Scheduling at (308) 284-4011 to schedule your mammogram.

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