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Banner Massage Therapy at Community Hospital, will care for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through the ancient healing science of massage. Our Certified Massage Therapists are trained in a variety of techniques.

We recognize the benefits of combining traditional therapy with the use of integrative treatments such as massage to enhance patient care.

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  • Please call Banner Massage Therapy today at (307) 534-7204 to schedule an appointment.

Several types of massage therapy are offered as a compliment to traditional medicine including:

  • Swedish Relaxation
    Soothes the nervous system and stimulates natural endorphins.  Aromatherapy also available.
  • Body Insight/ Deep Tissue Manipulation/Neuromuscular Techniques
    Releases long-held patterns of tension and corrects posture and promotes healing of injuries and overused muscles.
  • Sports Massage
    Prepares athletes for events, promotes quicker injury recovery, and maintains peak performance.
  • Trigger Point Therapy
    Focuses on specific areas of tension and pain.
  • Prenatal Massage
    Helps ease discomforts of pregnancy and prepare for labor and delivery.
  • Ear Candling
    A 30-minute treatment that wicks out wax and impurities from ears.
  • Reflexology
    A foot massage supporting the reflex areas of organs in your body.
  • Cupping Therapy
    The use of glass suction cups to promote healting by releasing tension int he soft tissue and muscle fibers.
  • On-Site Massage
    A chair massage given at local businesses.
  • Home Massage
    Available for those who are homebound or cannot access our clinic.  

Our therapists are proficiently trained to work with all age groups from infants to seniors and work with a variety of diagnoses. Call today for an appointment (on-site or at home) and help yourself to a more stress-free, healthier, happier life through regular massage sessions.

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