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Every birth is a unique experience, and Community Hospital Women’s Care and Birthing Center (WCBC) is a special place devoted to the care of mother and baby as a unit while incorporating the reassuring presence of family and friends in this most incredible event in life.

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Community Hospital provides personalized care through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the recovery experience, all using the latest in technology in a family-centered environment. Our birthing suites provide a home-like setting allowing mothers the convenience of labor, delivery and recovery in the same room. 

Labor delivery suite at TorringtonAt Community Hospital, we encourage family involvement in the birthing experience, and our birthing suites provide space for fathers to spend the night if they choose. 

The physicians and nursing staff at Community Hospital WCBC are committed to maintaining the mother-infant relationship as soon as possible. Most newborns remain with their mothers from birth to the time they leave the hospital, and are cared for as a couple throughout their stay at Community Hospital. 

Security for Moms and Babies
The WCBC will not only be comfortable for new parents and babies, but secure as well because our security system controls access to the birthing center to authorized employees and visitors. 

Technologically-advanced in all its practices, the WCBC utilizes a state-of-the-art security system monitored by Closed Circuit Television. Tamper-proof security bands are placed on every child at birth and are not removed until discharge, protecting the child from unauthorized removal from the unit.

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Breastfeeding Support
Research shows that breast milk is an important consideration for a baby’s health. Although many mothers prefer to breastfeed their baby, nursing can sometimes be more trying than expected. This is why the staff at WCBC provides breastfeeding information and support including:

  • Proper latch-on techniques to prevent soreness
  • How to avoid common problems
  • Advice on returning to work and using equipment such as breast pumps

Additionally, WCBC has a certified lactation specialist to assist with breastfeeding, answer questions, and alleviate concerns about breastfeeding for the first few days.

babyParents-to-Be Education
Education is a focal point for expectant mothers and their partners. Community Hospital offers a variety of classes to help families prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

These classes include tours of the department and time with specialists in whatever the patient chooses from the menu of the courses offered. Community Hospital offers an online childbirth education option as well. 

Please call (307) 534-7183 to register for these classes or for more information about the classes.

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