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Imaging Technologies

tech viewing xrays  

At Platte County Memorial Hospital, medical imaging plays a key role in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of an array of medical conditions ranging from cancer and heart disease to orthopedics and emergency services.

Physicians refer inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients for imaging procedures including:

Mobile medical imaging services offered in Wheatland include: 

For more information or to schedule an exam, please call 307-322-6414 ext 1.

RadNet and PACS:
PACs or Picture Archiving and Communication (system) is an electronic alternative to radiographic film. This system allows images to be viewed remotely for tele-diagnosis and distance education. Additionally, practitioners at various physical locations have access to the same information simultaneously (tele-radiology). PACs helps eliminate lost, misplaced and/or borrowed films. Patients may request their images to be sent to their physician or have a compact disc burned with their images.

Where PACs is the image and information management system, RadNet streamlines the exam completion process and enhances test tracking abilities. Results will be available to the physician immediately upon being transcribed. The patient’s past exams also are available to the physician to review for a more informed diagnosis.

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