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June 17: Rehabilitation Institute

Rehabilitation staff  

"Medicine adds years to life. Rehabilitation medicine adds life to years."

Today I had the privilege of meeting the talented and dedicated staff at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute. It is in this building where nurses, physicians, neuropsychologists and physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapists are dedicated to add "life" to the years of our most courageous patients.

Rehabilitation medicine is clearly a Place of Possibility for thousands of patients every year. Why should patients travel far and wide to 12th and McDowell to visit our Rehabilitation Institute? To me it was obvious. It starts with the culture that is clearly in place, one truly focused on healing. As I walked through the center, I could feel the incredible culture of teamwork focused on caring for the "human being" and  not just "another patient."

Moreover, with the complex Clinical Services available at Banner Good Samaritan that attract patients from all over the state, our Rehab Institute offers unique and highly differentiated services that allow our patients to begin the rehabilitation process as soon as possible. Specialized rehab processes that clearly define what's possible at Banner Good Samaritan include expertise in acquired brain injuries, trauma, stroke, and many others.

I also had the privilege of attending the opening and closing of the CARF team (Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities) visit to Banner Good Sam last week. It was clearly a testimony to the incredible leadership we have in place at our Rehabilitation Institute.

If we look at any great nationally recognized clinical program in the country, it starts with incredible leadership. We are very fortunate at the Banner Good Samaritan Rehab Institute to have recruited such a visionary physician leader, Dr. Robert Djergaian, who is a diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine and is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He knows how to build programs and teams. He is a visionary, but practical at the same time.

"Dr. D,” as he is affectionately called, in a short few months has already earned the respect and trust of his team. The CARF accreditors clearly pointed to his leadership along with our incredible  team of nursing leaders,  Ann, Charlotte and Kelly, as a highlight of our program.

As we rapidly position Banner Good Sam as the epicenter of an Academic Medical Center, it is clear to me that our Rehabilitation Institute will be the foundation for many of our Signature Programs, including Transplant Medicine, Neurosciences, CV Medicine, ED and Critical Care Medicine to name a few.

As I think about Dr. D, Kelly, Ann and Charlotte and the incredible leadership they provide every day at our Rehabilitation Institute, I feel very confident about the investment we must make to take this special place to the next level as we continue our journey at Banner Good Samaritan to transform Possibilities into Probabilities and Realities.

Thank you all at the Rehabilitation Institute for the wonderful welcome. Thank you for caring for your patients as if they were part of your family. Thank you for your contributions daily, and thank you for your leadership … the future is indeed bright.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.


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