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Peter Fine and John Hensing Welcome Video

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Banner Health Welcome - Full Transcription

Audio: Music over opening titles.

Text:   Welcome to Banner Health
With Peter Fine
Text:  Peter S. Fine
President & CEO

Image:  Peter Fine speaks on-camera

Audio:  “Hello. I’m Peter Fine, President and CEO of Banner Health. At Banner, we are guided by our nonprofit mission of making a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care. Everything we do ties back to that mission and our vision of becoming a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience and distinguished by the quality of our people.”

Text: As a Physician at Banner Health (1) You are at the center of fulfilling our mission. (2) Your commitment makes Banner the leader in every community we serve. (3) Banner Health provides excellent patient care across 7 Western states.

Audio:  “As a physician at Banner, you are at the center of helping us fulfill that mission and achieve our vision. Your commitment and that of every Banner employee is what makes us the leading health care provider in every community we serve. From Arizona to Alaska, we provide excellent patient care in 23 hospitals, long term care centers, outpatient surgery centers centers, health centers and clinics and other services in seven western states.

While the care setting may vary, one thing remains constant: our unwavering commitment to improve clinical quality and efficiency and provide a superior patient care experience by leveraging innovation and technology. 

Whether it’s cancer care, heart care, pediatrics, or any number of clinical specialties, our patients can rest assured that they are getting the best care, thanks in large part, to you.”

Text: As a Physician at Banner Health: (1) Your expertise, experience and enthusiasm make everything we do possible. (2) You set the tone for a superior patient experience.

Audio:  “Our partnership and collaboration with dedicated physicians who have the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to make a difference in the lives of our patients makes everything we do possible. The ways in which you and your colleagues collaborate to meet the needs of our patients sets the tone for a superior patient experience. In turn, it has earned us distinction as one of the nation’s leading health care organizations, recognized for clinical excellence, innovation, integration and as one of the best places to work.”

 Audio: Music over titles.

Text:   Welcome to Banner Health
With John Hensing, MD
Text:  John Hensing, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Image:  John Hensing, MD, speaks on-camera.

Text:  Banner Health
New Physician Orientation

Audio:  “Hello. I’m John Hensing. As Chief Medical Officer at Banner Health, I can assure you that we are an organization dedicated to providing the highest quality care. We place tremendous value on evidence-based medicine and route every decision, whether it relates to systems, policies or procedures. In evidence-based practices, they place the patient as the highest priority.”

Text:  Banner Clinicians are called to identify, design and implement evidence-based practices to improve patient care.

Audio:  “We engage our clinicians to do their due diligence across Banner to identify, design and implement evidence-based practices, to improve patient care and ultimately the patient experience. As an example, our OB Clinical Consensus Group recently addressed the issue of elective delivery before 39 weeks gestation. They thoroughly reviewed the medical literature and the positions taken by the American College of OB-GYN and the March of Dimes. With guidance by Banner Health obstetricians, the clinical policy produced has significantly decreased elective deliveries before 39 weeks gestation. We look to our organized hospital medical staffs to provide oversight for the quality of the care, treatment and services provided by all privileged clinicians in Banner hospitals regardless of whether they are independent practitioners or a member of the Banner medical group.”

Text:  Banner medical staffs are responsible for holding their members to the highest professional standards of behavior dealing with patients and other caregivers.

Audio:  “These same medical staffs are also responsible for holding their members to the highest professional standards of behavior dealing with patients and other caregivers. By virtue of being a highly collaborative organization, we ensure that, regardless of what Banner hospital, health center or clinic in which you practice, you and your patients benefit from a robust network of support systems, including enhanced electronic medical records and physician order entry systems. We also provide a wide range of research studies under the umbrella of Banner Research at our two internationally recognized research facilities as well as our many hospitals.

Our graduate medical education programs involving over 250 house staff continue to receive national recognition. To help consumers make informed decisions about their care, we were among the first health care systems to begin publically reporting information about our performance in such areas as patient safety, mortality rates, infection prevention and much more.”

Text:  As a physician at Banner you play a key role in our ability to continually improve our performance.

Audio:  “As a physician at Banner, you play a key role in our ability to continually improve our performance. Banner is repeatedly recognized in national rankings for clinical quality. Such honors are a testament to the commitment of our clinicians. Consistent, reliable, evidence-base care is a hallmark of Banner Health and what enables us to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Text:  Welcome to Banner Health.
Thank you

Audio:  “It is also what will lead us to industry leadership. Welcome to our team.”

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