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Mission Statement
"We exist to make a difference in our CPE students’ lives through excellent clinical pastoral education and spiritual care. We strive to provide outstanding clinical training preparing students to function as a community leader, ordained clergy, professional lay person, board certified chaplain, or certified ACPE supervisor."

We Value

  • People Above All…by treating those we serve and each other with compassion, dignity and respect.
  • Excellence … by following the Spiritual Care Collaborative Common Code of Ethics we act with integrity and provide the highest quality clinical pastoral education and spiritual care through superb faculty, diverse clinical experience, and active theological reflection.  Our “real world” environment prepares our graduates to thrive in a wide range of practice settings including congregational ministry, healthcare, and community locations.
  • Results … by exceeding the expectations of the students, patients and staff as well as the expectations we set for ourselves. We provide excellent spiritual care to patients, families, and staff through professionally supervised and competent chaplain students.
  • Accountability …  by the ACPE Supervisors  forming a peer group meeting regularly.   We do this for mutual support, to encourage collaboration, ensure adherence to ACPE standards, and the timely completion of tasks pertaining to the administration and supervision of ACPE units.

Our Educational Vision

  • We believe in the value of process education that unfolds as students experience unique situations that ignite their interest and learning.
  •  We value diversity in all of its forms.  Our commitment is to the student, patient, family and staff rather than to a particular faith belief or practice.
  • We value the group as a place for learning and growth.  Through the feedback of others we are able to explore our strengths and weaknesses in ministry.
  • We believe that the interdisciplinary relationship is central to the teaching and practice of clinical pastoral education and is an essential factor for clinical interdisciplinary teamwork and holistic care and service.
  • We practice an ongoing CPE evaluative program structure fully integrating the Professional Advisory Committee’s (PAC), Supervisors’, students’ and staff feedback.
  • We value self-care as we believe it is crucial to have balance in our lives to be able to provide good care to others.
Arizona Clinical Pastoral Education Program
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