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A Typical Day in CPE


CPE units may be either full or part time.  Either schedule will include an equivalent number of ministry and education hours.  Some extended (part time) CPE units meet one day per week for structured education sessions, and ministry is performed at other times as your schedule permits.  A more common day, however, is one in which time is provided for ministry and for several education events.  Since the heart of CPE is ministering and learning from the experience, a day’s schedule frequently includes a clinical seminar in which a student presents a pastoral encounter to other students and the Supervisor for discussion and feedback.  Other typical sessions are didactic seminars in which discussion follows a lecture; discussion of a book or article; exploration of theological concerns; peer group meetings or interpersonal group session for mutual sharing, caring, support and challenge; individual conferences with the Supervisor where professional, personal, and relationship concerns are explored; and worship or sharing occasions which provide opportunity for spiritual nurture.  Field trips, workshops, and clinical observations may be included periodically.  Evaluation experiences with other students and your Supervisor are also a part of a CPE program and may be scheduled at mid-unit to assess your learning objectives and at the end of a unit to sum up your experiences.  You will discover that a CPE schedule asks for active investment but also provides time for sharing, reflection preparation and relaxation.

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