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The Future of Family Medicine


The Future of Family Medicine is here!  We are leading the way in training residents to practice in the “New Model” through our “Practice Made Perfect (PMP)” curriculum.

The Core Components of the “New Model” and our residency

Core Component Innovations at our residency
Personal medical home We have always been this home, “ensuring access to comprehensive, integrated care through an ongoing relationship.”  Resident time at the Family Medicine Center (FMC) is prioritized.
Patient-centered care We have always taught a patient-centered approach to care: “people taking care of people.”  Residents learn and apply the Chronic Care Model to activate and empower patients.  We have utilized group visits since 2005.
Team approach This approach is demonstrated through our four practice teams.  It is also exemplified by our nationally-recognized, resident-run, multidisciplinary anti-coagulation clinic.
Elimination of barriers to access We have successfully scheduled patients using advanced access since 2003.  We teach residents to provide continuous, not episodic, care.
Advanced information systems In 2007 we implemented a leading commercial electronic health record to provide high-quality, efficient care to our patients.  We actively seek best available evidence at the point of care using  Infopoems, Dynamed, Cochrane, and other evidence-based resources.
Emphasis on quality on safety We are leaders in practicing and teaching evidence-based medicine.  With the help of our electronic health record, residents and FMC teams provide optimal health care quality through regular quality analysis and improvement projects.  We recognize the increasing importance of quality measures in 21st century practice.
Commitment to provide family medicine’s basket of services Residents graduate with broad procedural skills and great training in care of adults, children, and pregnant patients.

If you’d like to read more, these links outline the philosophy and objectives of the Future of Family Medicine Project:


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