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Name: Elizabeth “Brett” Daily, MD

Undergrad: Colorado College

Medical School: University of Kansas SOM

Family Members: Mom Janet, Dad Mark

Favorite Travel Spot: Vietnam

Free time activities: Anything outdoors, trying new restaurants and breweries, traveling and photography, going to concerts, hanging with friends, looking at art

Why Arizona and Banner Good Sam: The people in this program! I was also looking for a program that placed a large emphasis on evidence-based medicine and trained residents for full spectrum medicine.  Since there is a Level 1 trauma center, I feel this is a perfect environment to learn Family Medicine. As mentioned before, the people in this program are absolutely hands down some of the most incredible individuals I have ever worked with. I’m so happy to be here at Family Medicine.

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Elizabeth Daily

Name: Kalina Ehrenreich - Piot, DO

Undergrad: Brandeis University

Medical School: Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

Family Members: Mom Nancy, Dad Charlie

Favorite Travel Spot: Peru

Free time activities: Playing soccer, anything outdoors, happy hour with friends

Why Arizona and Banner Good Sam: AZ – Living in Phoenix for two years during med school, I came to love how outdoor-friendly it is here.  GS – For the amazing people! Everyone’s passion for their work, commitment to their patients and support and camaraderie for one another is truly contagious. I’m so excited to be here.

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Kalina Ehrenreich

Name: Katy Kirk, MD

Undergrad: UNC – Chapel Hill

Medical School: Brody at East Carolina University

Family Members: Mom Jackie, Dad Charles, Sister Susan with my niece and nephew, Puppy Buddy

Favorite Travel Spot: Spain and Honduras

Free time activities: Running, hiking, cooking and baking, sewing, beading and other crafts, crossword puzzles and reading

Why Arizona and Banner Good Sam: AZ – To live closer to my sister and her children.  But during my visits, I also was smitten with the natural beauty of AZ and the variety of people and cultures here. And, of course, the warm weather. GS - After doing a Fourth Year rotation here I knew I had found my new home. The warmth, compassion and relaxed attitude of everyone at Good Sam was impossible to resist.

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Katy Kirk

Name: Tina McKenzie, MD

Undergrad: University of IL at Urbana-Champaign

Medical School: Loyola University Chicago

Family Members: Mom Mary, Brother Demetric, Sister Creshina

Favorite Travel Spot: Montego Bay Jamaica

Free time activities: Cooking, going to church, shopping

Why Arizona and Banner Good Sam: AZ – Because of not only my sister who has been here for several years, but also my church family. Not to mention the constant reminders of the sunny skies and beautiful weather when I was freezing in -40 wind chill temperatures. GS - The people, it being a family atmosphere and the philosophy that “this is your residency program.”

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Tina McKenzie

Name: Zoe McMillen, MD

Undergrad: San Diego State University

Medical School: University of Arizona - Phoenix

Family Members: Husband Zachary, Mom Kathleen, Dad Lutz, Dogs Timmie & Penelope, Cat Archimedes

Favorite Travel Spot: Zihuatenejo Mexico

Free time activities: Reading, gardening, cooking spending time with my family and friends, comedies.

Why Arizona and Banner Good Sam: AZ – I met my husband here while in med school, and with our families here as well, it was important to stay here in AZ. GS – During my Third Year clerkship I already felt a sense of family among the residents, faculty and staff. I saw how truly happy the residents were. I was drawn to the evidence- based medicine focus and also BGSMC was the perfect mix of an academic and community medicine feel. I felt at home in the program and I’m lucky to be a part of the BGSMC team.

zoe mcmillen

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Name: Caitlin Molloy, DO

Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis

Medical School: Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

Family Members: Mom Casey, Dad Jim, Brothers Conor and Seamus

Favorite Travel Spot: The cliffs of Moher - Ireland

Free time activities: Running, hiking, biking, taking advantage of time with family and friends

Why Arizona and Banner Good Sam: GS – I was looking for a program with a strong academic focus that would challenge and push me to always be better. BGSMC provides this in the midst of an incredibly supportive environment. It is a privilege to be here surrounded by so many inspiring people.

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Caitlin Molloy

Name: Evan Werk, MD

Undergrad: Xavier University – Cincinnati

Medical School: University of Cincinnati

Family Members: Wife Lindsey, Mom Alice, Dad Frank, Brother Alex

Favorite Travel Spot: Italy or anywhere to hike

Free time activities: Hiking, running, biking, cooking and basketball

Why Arizona and Banner Good Sam: AZ – Coming for Spring training to see the Reds play, I have come to love Phoenix. My wife is from Arizona, and despite the hot summers, nothing beats hiking in short sleeves during winter. GS – I knew that I could thrive here and challenge myself academically, pursue leadership positions and practice full scope family medicine in an extremely supportive environment.

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Evan Werk

Name: Allen Wong, MD

Undergrad:  University of Hawaii

Medical School:  University of Hawaii

Family Members:  Mom and Dad

Favorite Travel Spot: Somewhere with good food and beer

Free time activities: Play guitar, read, watch TV shows, experience new beers

Why Arizona and Banner Good Sam: AZ – Wanted to know what it was like to be as hot as the sun. GS – I felt at home with the residents, faculty and staff. Plus the training program had the variety I was looking for.

Allen Wong
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