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Visiting Medical Student Program
The Visiting Medical Student Program enriches both our staff and the visiting medical student. Applicants must be in good academic standing and actively progressing toward a Doctor of Medicine degree at an affiliated LCME accredited institution or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at an affiliated COCA accredited institution, or an approved international institution.
Application Information
Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Internal Medicine uses the Visiting Student Application Service, VSAS (listed under University of Arizona – Phoenix), to receive visiting medical student applications for students enrolled at affiliated US LCME accredited or COCA accredited Osteopathic institutions. To apply, please complete and submit a VSAS application for your preferred electives and dates.  For more information on VSAS, please visit the AAMC VSAS site or contact VSAS at Please note that only students enrolled at affiliated US LCME accredited and COCA accredited institutions may use VSAS to submit applications and supporting documentation.

Accredited US LCME and COCA Osteopathic School Students – Please apply through VSAS.   

NON-LCME and International School Students - Application packets must be complete and turned in 90 days in advance (No Exceptions) from the requested start date in order for us to process the required documentation. Participation in any 4th Year electives will be allowed on a space-available basis.

Required Documentation - Please review the required documents list for non-LCME and international students.

Application packets must be complete and turned in 90 days in advance (No Exceptions) from the requested start date in order for us to receive the Letter of Agreement signed by the Dean or Program Director for your school.

  • Mandatory Faculty Sponsorship (Preceptor): Foreign students from non-LCME schools are required and responsible for obtaining the approval and letter with signature of a Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center faculty member who has personal knowledge of your preparation and ability to perform satisfactorily and will act as an education sponsor for you during your visit to Banner Good Samaritan. We do not provide attending names.
  • Student Status: Applicants must be in their final year of medical school at the time of the scheduled elective and have completed all of the clerkship courses.
  • Application Form:  Incomplete application forms will not be processed.
  • Letter of Good Standing: Please attach a letter from your Dean’s office stating you are a student in good standing and they approve of the rotation(s) you are requesting. This letter must accompany the application form.
  • Third Year Rotation Documentation: You must submit documentation of all clinical rotations completed in your 3rd year of medical school. Criteria for doing any medicine elective at Banner Good Samaritan is completion of at least two months of inpatient Internal Medicine in a teaching setting during your 3rd year. Electives are not sufficient. Documentation must be specific.
  • Malpractice Insurance: Proof of professional medical liability with coverage amounts acceptable to Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. You will be notified if the coverage amount is unacceptable. Please provide a copy of medical liability certificate.
  • Vaccinations: Must submit a brief record verifying you are current on the required immunizations Hepatitis B, MMR, Tuberculosis (within 6 months of elective start date), Tetanus (within 10 years of elective start date) and Varicella (chickenpox). This can be sent in the form of a report or letter from your primary care physician with the vaccination name and date given. Flu vaccinations are required starting in December. Please do not send us your lab results.
  • Personal Health Insurance: Proof of personal health insurance (copy of health insurance card).
  • Photo ID: A clear visible copy of your driver’s license, school ID, passport or identification card.
  • Letter of Agreement: Once we receive your complete application, we can process an LOA to your school contact. The LOA needs to be signed by the Dean or Program Director of your school.  It then must be approved by our Program Director and Chief Academic Officer before the rotation will be approved. This takes the longest to approve so please submit a complete application as soon as possible.
  • Final Approval: Please attach all documentation with your application and mail or scan to the department of medicine. All the above requirements must be met in order for your application to be considered for a rotation. Upon approval or denial of your application, you will be notified by e-mail.

    2014-2015 Application - Only for Off Shore/Foreign Students will be not be available until June 2013

    Observers - We do not accept any observers for any rotation within the Internal Medicine program.


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