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The four-year training period is an integrated educational experience. A total of 24 months are spent in each specialty and are assigned to residents in four-month blocks. Residents in the combined program are promoted to supervisory positions after completion of eight months of intern experience in each specialty.

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  • Residents receive three weeks of vacation scheduled in one-week intervals and have four days off at either Christmas or New Year’s while on Pediatric rotations.
  • Both the Internal Medicine & Pediatric residency programs utilize a night float system during ward months.
  • Residents have opportunities to select elective rotations to suit their interests, including international electives.


  • During the first two years of training, Med-Peds residents are assigned to either:
    - Hospital-based continuity clinics at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) and Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center (BGSMC)  or
    - A community based combined Med-Peds ambulatory clinic
  • PGY-1 and PGY-2 residents have half-day of clinic per week
  • Med-Peds residents are supervised exclusively by Med-Peds trained faculty
  • Residents complete ambulatory curricula in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. These sessions are held at the beginning of each clinic session with Med-Peds faculty preceptors.
  • PGY-3 and PGY-4 residents are assigned an additional half day of clinic per week. As they expand their training to include two half days of clinic per week, our residents are provided with the unique opportunity to tailor their training based on career plans and interests. For example, residents planning on entering subspecialty fellowship training can opt for a hospital-based subspecialty clinic during their 3rd and 4th years of training.

Resident On-Call Staff Support Facility Map (PDF)

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