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The Department of Pharmacy Services at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center provides state-of-the-art, around-the-clock pharmaceutical service and care. We have about 100 employees; half are technicians and the rest are pharmacists.

Our mission is to advance pharmacy automated and technology systems to enhance patient safety and improve clinical outcomes by increasing pharmacist exposure throughout all areas of the hospital.

We have an innovative clinical team supporting an active clinical program including a pharmacokinetics, sedation, pain management and pharmacotherapy management service. We also maintain affiliations with the University of Arizona and Midwestern University schools.

Our services include:


24-hour patient medication supply: The department provides 24-hour supply of medications for all of our inpatients. Through our automated dispensing systems, Pyxis, Talyst, Pill packager and robotics, we meet our patients' medication needs. Patient care services include:

  • Patient counseling
  • Clinical interventions
  • P&T committee
  • Hospitalwide initiatives
  • Protocol development
  • Drug monitoring and kinetics
  • Pain consults
  • Chart reviews
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Patient education

IV and sterile products preparation: We provide full IV admixture services including chemotherapy, dialysis, PCA, and TPN. We use state-of-the-art automated compounders to assist in preparing IV nutrition for adults.

Investigational Drug Service: The department provides 24-hour service in investigational drug support service including inventory management, preparation and dispensing of all inpatient investigational medication. Working with Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, a research team of pharmacists and residents also covers multiple outpatient Alzheimer’s studies. Pharmacy is a member of the Institutional Review Board, which governs the ethical management of hospitals research, including drug research protocols.

Clinical Services: The pharmacy department has an active clinical service covering all patients served at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. Our clinical pharmacists provide up-to-date drug information and are available to the medical and health are staff 24 hours a day. Specialty areas of coverage include internal medicine, critical care, infectious disease, neurology, oncology, solid organ transplantation, glycemic management, pain management, and pharmacokinetics. Specialists provide support for clinical initiatives and protocol development within the institution as well as Banner Health system. Decentralized pharmacists and the new “Collaborative Medication Management” pharmacist provide clinical coverage on all floors in addition to medication reconciliation, patient education and support for core measures. Pharmacists are actively involved in education and participate monthly in a hospitalwide noon conference as part of internal medicine education. The pharmacy department holds internal education presentations on a bi-weekly basis.

Administrative support for various multidisciplinary teams: Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians participate in operational and clinical teams that focus on improving systems and ultimately patient care.

Compliance measures: The department employs a full-time compliance officer to assure federal, state, local and institutional regulations and policies are met. The department provides auditing service to other departments involved in the medication-use process.

Quality improvement measures: The department provides a team approach to patient safety to develop and implement department patient safety initiatives. Quality improvement projects are aimed at reducing unfavorable variation in medication use and proactively avoiding medication-related adverse events. The team tracks and trends medication-related events, participating in root cause analysis teams, and implementation of improvement work plans. The team is also responsible for departmental compliance with TJC Medication Use Standards and serves as functional leader for the Banner Health System Arizona Region.

Administrative support for medical committees: The department is integrally involved in the direction and management of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Medical committee, is made up of physicians and pharmacists and is responsible for overall management of the medication-use process. Pharmacists support the committee with operational and clinical expertise, drug information, formulary management and quality management reporting, as well as, adverse medication-event reporting and medication error reporting. Department members also serve on other medical teams including the infectious disease committee, anesthesia committee, critical care committee, cancer committee, and bioethics committee.

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