Residency Applicants at North Colorado Family Medicine  

Procedural Statistics


We are often asked how many procedures are performed at North Colorado Family Medicine. Here are statistics on some of the procedures performed by graduating residents from the class of 2009 and 2010. 




Vaginal Deliveries 130 73-211
C-sections (CS Track) 120 80-160
C-sections (Non-CS Track)   32 3-52
OB Ultrasonography 37 1-106
Bilateral Tubal Ligation 24 1-60
Colposcopy 14 2-32
EGD 29 1-77
Colonoscopy 53 1-137
Excercise Cardiac Stress Testing 14 1-43

There are many opportunites readily available to residents to obtain procedural experience.  The total number of procedures performed by a resident is based on that resident's interest in each procedure.  

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