Residency Applicants at North Colorado Family Medicine  

Karen Myren & Paul Lobitz in Haiti


Entrance to Cholera Clinic  
Cholera can kill. Thankfully it is easy to treat with the right resources.  This is the entrance to the cholera clinic which is heavily guarded due to crime in the area. 

Karen in cholera tents  
I can't believe that this patient is on his 95th liter (yes, liter) of LR and still needs 2 IVs running at 300 mL/hr!  We worked alongside and helped teach Haitian medical personel.  

Streets of Haiti

Streets of Haiti
The destruction and resulting poverty from the hurricane were still very apparent. 

Karen & Paul at the beach  
We did, however, find time to relax at the beach with some friends!   

Karen, Paul, and clinic manager
We saw more than 200 patients a day at an outpatient clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

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