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Rural Training Track


The Rural Training Track is an innovative program designed to train rural family physicians in an actual rural environment.  One resident each year is matched to the Rural Training Track (RTT) in Wray. The first 15 months are based at the core program in Greeley. The resident then goes to Wray in september of the second year and is based in Wray for the remainder of their training.  As there is one resident matched to the Rural Training Track every year, there are always two residents, an R-2 and an R-3, in Wray. 

Most of the experience and learning is accomplished as the resident works side-by-side with the family physician faculty in a busy, full-service family medicine clinic, an ER, hospital, and the OR. The Wray program offers continuity of care for our patients, an individualized curriculum for our residents, and the opportunity to make a lasting impact on an appreciative community.

The Rural Training Track in Wray was founded in 1992 as the second rural training track in the nation. As a result of the success of these first two programs, many similar programs have been founded around the country.  Dr. Reed, the Rural Site Coordinator, is a graduate of the Wray Training Track. 

Video provided by Casey Rasch, MD (Previous Wray Resident)


Wray Residents participate in bi-monthly afternoon didactic conferences via teleconference or via travel to Greeley.  Morning meetings with the physician staff are held to review and discuss previous day admissions.  Monthly didactics are presented during morning sessions by one attending and one resident.  Regular visits by faculty from the core program, including physicians and behavioral scientists, help to maintain continuity with the core program.  Telemedicine is part of our Rural Training curriculum. These doctors are communicating with each other via tele-video.

Specialty Clinic:
The specialty clinics add to the longitudinal experience for the Wray Residents. The Wray Resident participates with specialists in audiology, cardiology, dermatology, ENT, gynecology, hematology/oncology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, orthopedics, orthopedics/spine, podiatry, pulmonology, and  urology. 

Wray Residents are trained to perform colonoscopies, EGDs, OB ultrasounds, C-sections, tubal ligations, D&Cs, vasectomies, and tonsillectomies.  In the ER, Wray Residents are trained in trauma management, fracture management, central lines, intubations, chest tubes, thoracentesis, paracentesis, and cardioversion.

Nursing Home/Hospice:
Wray Residents gain experience in geriatric medicine through monthly nursing home visits.  Palliative and end of life care experience is provided with management of hospice patients.

Eight weeks of electives during the third year allows the Wray Residents to tailor their curriculum in concert with particular areas of interests.

Rural Training Track Application Process
As with the core program, you must apply to the Rural Training Track program through ERAS. The RTT in Wray has a separate match slot from the core program.  If you are invited to interview in Wray, you will also be interviewing in Greeley. Therefore, plan on spending two days interviewing, one in Greeley and one in Wray.

Director, Rural Training Track:
David Smith, MD
(800) 336-6236

Rural Site Coordinator:
David Reed, MD,
1017 W. 7th St.
Wray, CO 80758
(970) 332-4895

Wray offers medical student rotations.  We encourage students considering a career in rural family medicine and those considering applying for the Rural Training Track in Wray to participate in a rotation in Wray. For inquiries into arranging a third or fourth year medical student rotation, contact Monte Uyemura, MD at (970) 332-4895. 

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