Clinical Trials at Banner Research  

Who to Contact


medical staffPhysicians and research volunteers who have questions should feel free to call one of our research directors.

  • Oncology and Pediatrics: 
    Shaun Opie, PhD – (602) 747-9738
  • Neuroscience, Simulation, Trauma, e-ICU, Mental Health:
    Denise Drumm-Gurnee, PhD – (480) 412-4868 
  • Cardiology, Rehab, Orthopedics, Peripheral Vascular Surgery:
    Barbara Lambeth, RN – (480) 854-5178
  • Medical Education, Clinical Delivery, Interventional Radiology, Ob/Gyn, Toxicology, Solid Organ Transplant:
    Pam Thompson, MS, RN – (602) 839-5678
  • Western Region:
    Ann Coombs, RT – (970) 392-2012
Clinical Trials
Banner Research
Phoenix, Arizona
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