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We have more than 25 studies, and there are usually 10 open for enrollment at any time.

We have many trials and studies, but most commonly we conduct:

Below is a list of some of our ongoing clinical trials. To get more information about clinical trials, please call (623) 832-6500. Other trials can also be found online at



Parkinson's Disease Trials

Avid Parkinson's Study 
The purpose of this study is to test an investigational radioactive drug that when used with a PET scan machine it may help doctors detect degeneration (loss) or damage to a specific type of neuron (nerve cells) that release the chemical dopamine in the brains of subjects who have symptoms of a movement disorder like Parkinson's disease, but who have not yet received a definitive or certain diagnosis.

Inclusion criteria: Age 40 and older, no current diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease.

The Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative 
In this research study we will collect clinical information, samples of blood, DNA, urine, cerebral spinal fluid, and brain images from subjects with Parkinson's Disease and from subjects without the disease. This information will be used to help develop biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease, which will help us understand how the disease changes over time. Having good biomarkers for PD may also be useful in developing new treatments and may help to improve clinical care in the future.

Inclusion criteria: Age 65 and older, subjects who are thought to have early Parkinson's Disease.


Alzheimer's studies

AVID18 Study
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a type of PET scan in changing the way symptoms of cognitive impairment are managed by a physician. The results of the PET scan may cause a physician to modify the treatment plan. A second purpose of this study is to test the ability of the results of this imaging to predict the rate of future cognitive decline, if any.

To qualify: Age of 50-90 with a history of cognitive impairment and a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

Avanir Study
The purpose of this study is to test an experimental drug being for the treatment of agitation in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

To qualify: Age of 50-90 with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and on medication to treat memory impairment.

Advanced DBS Trial
Subjects are being invited to take part in a research study using electrical brain stimulation (the delivery of electrical pulses to the brain), also known as deep brain stimulation (DBS) to treat Alzheimer’s disease. This research study is testing an experimental device.   

Criteria: Age 55-80

Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative 
A research study designed to look at the usefulness of imaging studies and biomarker tests, together with measurements of memory, thinking and daily functioning, in the future conduct of studies that will focus on the identification and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage. This study aims to produce data to be stored for these for these kinds of future research studies.

To qualify: Age 55-90, currently only enrolling participants with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

Elan Study 
The purpose of this study is to determine whether a new medication is safe and effective in people with Moderate to Severe Alzheimer’s Disease who have agitation and aggression to reduce these symptoms.

To qualify: Age 55-85, with Moderate to Severe Alzheimer’s Disease and have agitation and aggression.



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