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What is Banner Neuro Wellness?

Banner Neuro Wellness-West is a state-of-the-art program complementary to current medical treatments and therapies for individuals and families who are affected by Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. All of our programming takes place at the Banner Sun Health Research Institute in Sun City.

Patients and families participating in Banner Neuro Wellness-West can enjoy a sense of community, increased socialization and ultimately, a higher quality of life.

Programs and classes  

PWR! Fitness
The PWR! Fitness classes are designed to target the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) ranging from bradykinesia and rigidity to cognitive dysfunctions and emotional impairments. Banner Neuro Wellness West offers three different PWR! classes to accommodate a wide range of abilities for people with PD. The classes are led by an Exercise Physiologist/PWR! Fitness trainer.

  • PWR! Moves and PWR! Circuit: These group exercises are appropriate for those who can work at a moderate-to-high intensity with minimal to no assistance during walking or other activities.
  • PWR! Up: This exercise class is designed as a smaller group for those who might need extra support and accommodations to perform tasks effectively and safely.  

Lecture Series
Banner Neuro Wellness West has a quarterly PD Good Start Lecture Series. Lectures are offered on the second Friday of each month at 2 p.m. and are repeated each quarter of the year. To register for this lecture series, please call (623) 832-3248.

  • Topics include: Diagnosis and Symptoms, Treatment Options, Non-pharmacologic Approaches, and Research and Updates.

Information Center
Banner Neuro Wellness West has an information center staffed by patients with and family members. The PD C.A R.E. Team volunteers have a variety of PD booklets and brochures available for you.

Support groups
Banner Neuro Wellness West has a has a variety of support groups that include the Sun City Parkinson’s Support Group, the Care-Partner Support Group and PD Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk Flier

Healthy Abs & Back
A exercise class performed on the floor utilizing mats.  The class focusses on exercises that stretch, strengthen and stabilize the core muscles.

Tai Chi 
A graceful form of exercise using slow gentle movements with deep breathing and meditation.  The exercises are designed to increase strength, flexibility and stamina. 

For more information, call (623) 832-2046. 

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