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Meet Beatrice David


Beatrice David will be celebrating her 101st birthday this July, making her one of the oldest members in the longevity study on healthy aging. She suffers some hearing loss, but her daughter helped to conduct this interview by asking her mother the questions and filling in any gaps. Born in New York City, Beatrice soon moved and grew up in a small town in New Jersey.

Growing up, she remembers walking one mile to school in the morning, a mile home for lunch, a mile back to school, and a mile back home in the afternoon. Later in life, Beatrice worked as a business secretary and raised her three children, two daughters and a son. She now resides in Arizona with one of her daughters while her other children visit frequently. Beatrice enjoys spending time with her loving, caring family. 

 Beatrice jokingly said, “I have no idea, no one else in our family has lived this long,” when asked what the most important factor is that has contributed to her healthy aging and longevity. Her daughter jokingly said she never even ate healthy, but also never smoked.

In her leisure time, Beatrice enjoys reading. She purchased a Kindle at the age of 99 and spends time reading mystery novels and some romance books.

In advising the younger generation, Beatrice says to, “Keep on doing what you’re doing and just wake up in the morning.” She feels blessed to have lived through all she has and the experiences along the way. Beatrice feels she is not 100 years old and often forgets her age. Her positive attitude reflects her belief that people should not dwell on what they can’t do or how old they are.

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