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Meet Catherine Mehan


Catherine Mehan (1903-2011) was a beloved participant within the Longevity study. We had the pleasure of learning more about Catherine from her best friend and confidante Helen Benner who is also a participant within the study. 

“Catherine had a sweet personality,” said Helen as she reminisced about her dear friend, “She enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed hers.” Helen claims Catherine’s longevity was the result of Catherine’s healthy life. “She did not smoke or drink and she always had a healthy diet,” responded Helen when asked about Catherine’s lifestyle. 

Catherine was a farm girl who made her father glow with pride by being the first in her family to attain a college degree. “He loved her dearly and was very proud of her accomplishments,” said Helen.

As an adult Catherine became a teacher and taught home economics. She was also a great seamstress and was very interested in ceramics. Catherine also had a passion for hats and was an avid hat collector.

“She had the most beautiful hats and was never without a hat on Sundays,” explained Helen “She had a hat to match every outfit.” Catherine believed today’s younger generation is “too fast.”  “They’re too eager to grow up and are missing out on some of life’s biggest wonders,” explained Helen. She goes on further to explain that “Catherine wanted today’s youth to ‘slow down and take the time to enjoy life.”

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