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Meet Junia Hoffman

Born in 1915, Junia (June) Hoffman is a delightful participant in our Longevity Study. She remains very active even though she fell and fractured her right hip in February 2013. She is out walking again and plans on returning to walking one mile every day as she did prior to the injury. (She was still playing golf until 92 years old.) She lifts 3 lb. weights while seated in her chair, and maintains a healthy diet, preparing her own nutritious meals. She has monitored her weight throughout her life and is very fit.

Her eyesight and hearing have declined this past year and she has a “caption” telephone and reads the messages spoken during calls. She has adapted well to needing one on one conversation to accommodate her hearing decline.

This technologically savvy woman emails her family daily, surfs the internet, and creates personalized greeting cards for her family using photos she has taken and downloaded from her camera to her computer. She also continues to fly on commercial airplanes independently about every two months.

June lost her driver’s license last year because she could not see out of her windows in her car well enough while backing up and recommends anyone 80 years old or older who buys a new car and/or never plans to buy another car to be sure they sit up well in the car and can see out the windows. She states “we are all shrinking” and even if one needs to buy a small truck to accommodate the needed visual field, it is well worth the consideration.

June feels participating in the study has made her more aware of her personal feelings and how they affect the aging process. With such an upbeat and determined attitude she will go far!
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