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Meet Raymond Spykerman


Raymond Spykerman is a Navy Veteran, born in 1910 and participates in the Longevity Study.  Raymond believes his longevity is the result of good genes and an impeccable immune system. “I don’t take any medications and rarely get sick,” Raymond happily exclaimed when asked about his health.

Raymond is a very charismatic man and is a member of the “Easy Rollers” bowling league. He proudly informed us that his team was the 1st place team in 2003-2004 and he has a bowling average of 180. 

As a child Raymond enjoyed ice-skating and sledding in the winter and baseball in the fall. As an adult, Raymond spent 27 years in the Navy as a code breaker and has received some of the Navy’s highest honors.

Now retired, Raymond currently finds pleasure in 21st century technology and often plays on the computer in his leisure time.  

Raymond advises today’s younger generation not to drink, smoke, and to stay away from drugs.

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