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First Aid for Burn Injuries


For All Burn Injuries

  • Provide CPR if necessary
  • Keep victim warm with sheets and blankets
  • Contact your physician or call 911

Determine which type of burn:

Thermal Burns
First, stop the burning process

  • Flame Burn
    • Smother flames with a heavy blanket or use cool water
    • Flush area with cool water
    • Do not place butter or household agent on burns
  • Scald or steam burn
    • Flush with cool water
  • Contact with hot surface
    • Flush burn area with low-pressure running water
    • Never put ice on a burn

Chemical Burns
First, stop the burning process

  • Liquid Chemicals:
    • Use gloves, avoid contact with chemical
    • Flush area with water continuously
    • Remove clothing and jewelry
    • Do not attempt to neutralize chemicals
  • Powdered Chemicals:
    • Brush off as much as possible prior to washing with water
    • Remove clothing or jewelry
  • Chemical in the Eyes:
    • Flush eyes continuously with water
    • Remove contacts
    • Keep eye lids open while flushing with water

Electrical Burns

  • If the victim is still in contact with power:
    • Turn off the power at the circuit breaker before touching the person
    • If power cannot be turned off, use a nonconductive item such as wood (broom, mop) to move the power source away from the person
  • Stop the Burning Process
    • If clothing is one first, put it out with water or a heavy blanket

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