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Hillary's Story


My positive attitude isn’t the only thing that helped me fight cancer.

“It was last April when I was diagnosed. I was feeling bloated and thought, ‘ok, I’m just eating too many carbs” because my weight was going up.”  Hillary remembers back to back visits to the physician’s office where blood tests and x-rays were taken, then an ultrasound. April 26th, that was the day she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The next days included getting fluid drained from her abdomen multiple times and a hysterectomy.  After a week in the hospital Hillary was sent home to recover.  It was three weeks later that she visited her oncologist at Banner Desert Medical Center. “I was fortunate not only for the doctor, but the location close to where I live. The quicker you can get home and into your comfort zone, the better.”

Six weeks after surgery, Hillary began chemotherapy intravenously. Her medical team then chose to place a chest port and later a stomach port to receive chemotherapy since her veins were not able to handle it anymore. In all, she had about eight months of treatment.

Throughout the process Hillary used the variety of community resources available including the outpatient services, like nutrition counseling, at Banner Desert Medical Center, “The hardest part, is all of the unknown. You can read as much information that’s out there, but until you experience it, you really don’t know what it’s going to be like.”  Hillary dealt with the unknown by finding alternatives, “Like with my dogs, if I couldn’t walk them, then I would take them for a ride in the car and take them through the drive-through and get them a hamburger. It’s like the little triumphs – getting over the little things, and just finding alternative for things you can’t do.”

Banner Desert Medical Center is a great facility!  The staff and nurses are so wonderful, they are really caring and take care of you when you just can’t do it yourself anymore. It was the little things that made the difference. I even threw a party to thank everyone for the support they had given me and invited the nurses.”

“I wanted to live; I didn’t allow myself to have another choice.” Today, Hillary’s hair is growing back and she is recognizing herself again. In February 2007 Hillary was diagnosed “cancer-free.”

"I am living proof."

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